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TOTAL’s activities in Germany include sectors such as chemistry, refining, marketing & services, gas, as well as solar energy and battery storage technology. TOTAL also pursues research and development projects in the new alternative energy sector.

An industry player

Every year, TOTAL’s Mitteldeutschland refinery in Leuna processes up to 12 million tons of crude oil into petrol, diesel, heating oil, methanol, aviation fuel and many other products. The chemical subsidiary Hutchinson operates many plants in Germany and works as a supplier for the automobile and air transport industry. The battery manufacturer SAFT, which also belongs to TOTAL, also produces in Germany. TOTAL Petrochemicals operates its own distribution network for German industry customers.

Energy for mobility and heat

TOTAL Deutschland operates around 1,200 petrol stations. The highest quality fuels, lubricants, automotive accessories, car washes and a complete service shop and cafe range are all highly esteemed by drivers every day. Heating oil, liquid gas, motor oils and industrial lubricants as well as aviation fuel and energy consultancy also make up the range of offers from TOTAL. Our subsidiary SunPower, with its particularly powerful solar modules, is also present in Germany, as well as our subsidiary TENAG, one of the leading German energy consultancy services for businesses. In order to further promote the expansion of Europe's natural gas infrastructure, the Total group has acquired PitPoint in 2017, one of the market leaders in the field of CNG service stations.   

Corporate Social Responsibility in Germany

TOTAL engages in children’s, youth and educational projects. The company focuses on subjects such as integration and equal opportunities. For many years now, we have been supporting the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund. Since 2015, TOTAL has also been active in the integration of refugees.


Fuel cards and toll billing for transporters

With more than 1,000 service stations and 15,000 partner service stations, AS24 provides transport companies with reliable 24/7 refueling of their trucks and offers toll boxes and other fleet management services in addition to simple and secure billing.

Smart Solutions for Mobility

Hutchinson is a specialty chemicals company that uses its expertise to develop individual solutions for the entire mobility industry, such as drive and sealing systems.

Clean Fuels Specialist

PitPoint is an international provider of alternative fuels. The company designs, builds, finances, operates and maintains public and private refueling stations for LNG, CNG, biomethane, hydrogen and electric charging points for businesses and governments.

Customer specific developments made by Polyblend

Polymers are compounded, refined and modified by Polyblend. 

Read our press release and get more information about the expandation within the automotive business of Total.

Batteries of the highest technology

The Saft Group develops and manufactures high-tech special batteries for a wide range of applications, e.g. in aerospace, railroads or the automotive industry.

Solar modules of the highest quality

Sunpower is one of the market leaders in solar technology. In more than 100 countries worldwide, solar energy is used via Sunpower modules, thus actively contributing to the expansion of renewable energies.

Energy consulting for companies

The expert network consists of engineers and energy specialists from the fields of energy and resource efficiency, energy law and control, IT and measurement technology, among others. TENAG identifies savings potential and offers individualized, practical and forward-looking solutions to reduce its customers' energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Fuels, heating oil, pellets and AdBlue® - all from a single source.

TOTAL Mineralöl GmbH distributes fuels, heating oil and AdBlue® to commercial, industrial and retail customers and serves private end consumers with heating oil and pellets. 

High-quality products from the region

With a maximum processing capacity of twelve million tons of crude oil per year, TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH is one of the most modern refineries in Europe. In addition to gasoline, diesel and heating oil, the product range includes liquefied petroleum gas, raw gasoline, aviation fuel, bitumen and methanol. The company covers the needs of around 1,300 service stations in central Germany.


TOTAL hydrogen filling stations

TOTAL is supporting the Clean Energy Partnership by providing electrically powered fuel-cell vehicles with hydrogen at special TOTAL multi-energy service stations.

TOTAL and social responsibility

TOTAL has been supporting the German Society for the Protection of Children (DKSB) since the 2011 Christmas campaign, and has donated more than €200,000 to their projects to date. “Blue Elephant” children's centres are just one of the projects across Germany to have received funding from the DKSB.

Development of hydrogen infrastructure

2014 six industial companies and five partners thom oil, gas and automobile sectors joined to develop a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure for fuel cell cars in Germany.

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