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The Total Refinery in Leuna: Helping drive an entire region

Fuel, jobs and involvement in education, culture and sports: This best describes the TOTAL refinery in Leuna. As one of Europe’s most modern refineries, it has the capacity to process 12 million tons of crude oil a year. And that always with the environment and safety in mind.

With all our energy

Petrol, diesel, heating oil, liquid gas, raw gas, jet fuel, bitumen, methanol: All these are products of the TOTAL refinery in Leuna. They are products which industries and our economy are dependent on but also require careful handling.

Safety and environmental protection - today and tomorrow

State-of-the-art surveillance and safety systems, as well as a professional maintenance guarantee that our refinery has the highest reliability. Safety and environmental protection has top priority with all our 630 employees. We also take an active role in Leuna by sponsoring cultural events, sports and education.

Our local Projects

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TOUR TOTAL, our innovative and efficient office building in the very heart of Berlin

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Total Energy Efficiency Consulting Leverages Saving Potential