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29/09/2020 Press release

Engine oil TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 available now

Berlin, 25. September 2020 - With TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60, Total offers a new synthetic engine oil for the gasoline and diesel engines of premium car manufacturers. Specially developed for Aston Martin, the product meets the high demands of engines that are subjected to intensive use, for example in motor sports.


In addition to Aston Martin's V8 engines, TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 can be used in several sports models with or without a gasoline particulate filter. TOTAL is thus the first lubricant manufacturer to launch an engine oil with a viscosity of 10W-60 that is also compatible with a gasoline particulate filter.


TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 features Age Resistance Technology, which protects the engine against wear, deposits and sludge formation, thus optimizing engine performance over a longer period of time.


The product's high viscosity index and synthetic formulation ensure optimal lubrication and a stable lubricating film over a wide temperature range: good flowability at low temperatures and low evaporation loss, thus reducing oil consumption at high temperatures.


TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 is compatible with all exhaust after-treatment systems. The synthetic engine oil contributes to a significant reduction of deposits in the engine as well as NOx, CO2 and CO emissions, resulting in cleaner engines and a higher level of environmental compatibility.