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Jan Petersen

Jan Petersen: On our way to the Future

Jan Petersen, Director Mobility & New Energies 

"We will surprise our customers with many new ideas"

Jan Petersen has directed the newly created New Energies & Mobility Directorate since January 1, 2020. Together with his team, he develops contemporary and tailored offers and services.

Why was a new directorate established?

Already in 2015, the TOTAL Group launched an initiative with the aim of aligning the company towards the future. We realized that we needed to change as a group, and at that time we specifically asked ourselves how we would operate in 2035. The concrete result of this process was the creation of the new Gas, Renewables and Power (GRP) branch in 2016, which bundles all of the Group's activities in the marketing of natural gas, the generation of green electricity and other renewable energies such as bioenergy. Another result of this realignment is the Mobility & New Energies Directorate.

What are your tasks?

Basically, our task as TOTAL today is to provide our customers with energy and related services. In the past, our focus was on conventional petrol stations and lubricants. The demand for these products will gradually decrease. We therefore need a business model that is adapted to changing customer requirements. For this purpose, we link competencies in the new directorate and have merged the fuel card and new energy departments (CNG, LNG and hydrogen) as well as our subsidiary PitPoint.

What are the benefits?

For example, we assume that our business customers will focus more on alternative energies. On the one hand, we must provide them with the desired energies and on the other hand, we must provide a suitable and attractive fuel card offer. By this, we bind these customers to our stations, so that the whole TOTAL network, namely our service station partners, will also benefit.

In addition, we would like to expand the fuel card offer from a pure "fuel card" to a mobility card with many new services. We added a new offer where we provide our customers with energy for their mobility even outside of our own fuel stations.

For example?

We expect the charging behavior of our customers to change significantly, at least in the area of electromobility. We assume that in the future, around 80 percent of the charging processes will take place at work or at home, around 15 percent at public charging stations and 5 percent at fast charging stations. In a European project, we are currently expanding the range of High-Power Charging stations (HPC) with the aim of creating a fast charging option every 150 kilometers in Western Europe. In Germany, 100 stations will be equipped with a total of 300 HPC stations.

And of course, we don't want to miss out on the remaining percentages of the market. This is why we offer companies energy and charging options for their business mobility needs or for their employees at home.

What is it that you most love about your new job?

I am thrilled that my team and I can help shape the future. Together with our colleagues in Paris, we are working on strategies for the German market. For example, the

topic of hydrogen mobility or natural gas. Furthermore, we need to be able to quickly install pilots and, if necessary, respond to tenders. Because we want to become an accepted partner in segments where we are not active yet. I look forward to surprising our customers with many exciting ideas!

Jan Peterson


Short Resume


Studies of Physics and Industrial Engineering



Jan Petersen started his professional career as Trainee at Braas GmbH in Oberursel, afterwards he changed to the IT-department of former ELF where he had various positions in Berlin, Leuna and Paris.



After two years in the retail and consumer business in Leipzig, Jan Petersen became the managing director of Tyczka Totalgaz GmbH in Geretsried. The next position led him the Total headquarters in Paris, where he was responsible for the topic of renewable energies and their combination with classic energies in the strategic department.

In 2016, Jan Petersen became the director of the retail and consumer business of TOTAL Deutschland in Berlin.

Since January 1, 2020, he is heading the newly created New Energies & Mobility Directorate.