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Ingo Böning

Ingo Böning: Committed to clean energy with solar power

Ingo Böning already occupied himself intensively with renewable energies during his studies. Today he is in charge of the project photovoltaic systems at fuel stations. By 2021, 5,000 TOTAL stations worldwide will be equipped with solar modules – ten percent of them in Germany.

TOTAL is investing altogether $300-million in this large international project. What will this bring about?

As a responsible energy company, TOTAL made it its goal to take on a pioneering role with regard to sustainable and clean energy. The project “Solarization” is part of the practical implementation. When all 5,000 stations are equipped with photovoltaic systems, they will produce around 160 MWh per year – this corresponds to the power consumption of a city with 160,000 inhabitants. Or, in other words, stations with solar power systems can cover 20 to 30 percent of their energy demand with the energy they produce themselves.        

You have been involved with alternative and clean energy generation for quite some time. What is your personal motive?

My main motive is pretty clear: I want to contribute to climate protection and the shift in energy. That is why I am thrilled that I get to execute TOTAL’s photovoltaic project in Germany. The recognition of how drastically humans upset the earth’s ecosystem has still not taken its place in the center of society. A shift in thinking is absolutely necessary. I myself was lucky enough to grow up in a sound environment in the countryside. I would like to contribute to the preservation of nature so that subsequent generations also get this opportunity.        

Can you describe your daily work routine?

It is very detailed, yet quite diverse. In Germany, round about 600 stations will receive photovoltaic systems – all of them must be considered separately. My area of responsibility involves the studying of building documentation, the review of the commissioned contractors’ planning, and, of course, the inspection of the implementation on site. In addition, coordination with the international project team is part of my job – and much more.      

A project of this scope is unthinkable without the cooperation with other colleagues and teams. Which competencies interact with one another? 

Cooperation is indeed very important, as the project impacts many business areas at TOTAL. That is why I am well networked with numerous players and departments. This includes project management in Paris, as well as employees from central purchasing, controlling, network development and, last but not least, our sales division, which negotiates the contracts necessary for the project with fuel station partners. Furthermore, naturally I work close with our contractors. The cooperation with SunPower also plays an important role in my day-to-day work. TOTAL has been a majority shareholder of this leading company in the solar industry since 2011 and with the solar project at fuel stations is demonstrating its dedication to renewable energies.     

What is your prediction for the energy generation of the future?

I think that the phase-out of fossil fuels is just a matter of time. This means that we still need to generate more energy from renewable energy sources. Which is also possible, but will result in an increase in the price of electricity due to high infrastructure costs. With the photovoltaic systems, TOTAL is not only seizing this responsibility, but also increasing its independence from the price development.


Extracting more energy from renewable energy sources

Short Resume


Study of industrial engineering with focus on electrical engineering, especially photovoltaics and renewable energies



Quality manager for large photovoltaic systems at SOLON, first professional contacts with SunPower



Since November 2017: working in the field of petrol station technology as project manager for photovoltaic systems at petrol stations