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03/05/2016 Press release

TOTAL Creates Bicycle-Friendly Service Stations

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Within the scope of an innovation project at centrally located services stations TOTAL is offering free air pumping stations for cyclists and is selling bicycle accessories in the service station shop. Just in time for the start of the cycling season, the energy company has equipped two stations in Berlin (Jafféstraße) and Rostock (Erich-Schlesinger-Straße) accordingly.

Urban mobility is becoming more and more individual. First signs of this process of change are being manifested at service stations in metropolitan areas. Customers use very diverse types of mobility, even combining these: whether the bicycle, car sharing, using public transport, a private car, company car or in future an electrical car and fuel cell vehicle- it always depends entirely on the user’s personal need for mobility. In line with this development, TOTAL is expanding its product range at its stations beyond different types of fuel.

Carsten Nolof, Head of Marketing Shop/Food/Services at TOTAL Deutschland stated: “We are consistently developing the service and product range at our TOTAL multi- energy service stations. This not only includes our recently revamped station design with the latest shop product range- but also an innovative mobility product range for all our customers. With the bicycle accessories in the shop and the free air pumping station for checking air we are testing our service range customized for bicyclists at centrally located stations!”

Air Pressure in the Bicycle Tires is Greater than in the Case of Passenger Vehicles

In contrast to car air pressure testing devices, air pumping stations release greater air pressure but measure the air supply in accordance with the smaller bicycle tires. Due to the greater surface area far greater air pressure is exerted on the car tube despite the lower air pressure. For this reason the rule applies: For safety reasons, never pump bicycle tires on air pressure testing devices meant for cars! For example, the standard air pressure in the case of giant tractor tires is less than 2 bar, in the case of car tires it is around 2.5 bar depending on the load. In narrow bicycle tires it is relatively high, in the case of racing bicyclists the air pressure is even within the range of 9 bar! At its bicycle-friendly service stations TOTAL sells the following accessories: flat tire spray, mending kit, tool set, locks, skeleton keys, inner tubes in different sizes, brakes, light sets, bicycle oil and handle grips as well as drinking cups and bulb horns for children.

The Concept of TOTAL Multi-Energy Service Stations

As an integrated energy company globally active on very diverse markets TOTAL strives to offer all energy forms which the customer needs for his individual mobility at its service stations. Alongside standard TOTAL quality and premium fuels, TOTAL multi-energy service stations already offer liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, hydrogen and fast chargers for battery-powered cars as well as Pkw-Adblue® for Diesel engines with an exhaust post-treatment system.

With 650,000 customers daily and some 1,200 service stations, TOTAL ranks third among German service station operators. Over the past several years the brand has invested heavily in Germany and is on a clear growth track. TOTAL service stations are the perfect location for anyone wanting to take a short break. High mileage drivers, families or, as mentioned, cyclists-all are welcome at TOTAL. This is why we work for our customers and convey this attitude with our slogan, “Auftanken und wohlfühlen. Tag für Tag."

About TOTAL Deutschland

As part of a group active in over 130 countries, TOTAL is also one of the leading agents on the energy market in Germany. With fuel and lubricants for private customers, the industrial and commercial sectors, as a supplier of heating oil, liquid gas, air fuels, bitumen or special products for the industrial sector, TOTAL helps you to get ahead every day anew.

TOTAL is internationally committed to safe and sustainable energy supply: as a producer and supplier of petroleum and natural gas, a globally leading photovoltaics module manufacturer with the brand SunPower and, especially in Germany, through research on hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

In Germany TOTAL operates the third largest service station network with some 1,200 service stations as well as the most modern refineries in Leuna. The group maintains a wide range of chemical products and is active from plastics production down to special applications for the automotive and aerospace industries. TOTAL ensures some 3,500 jobs in Germany.

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