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04/11/2016 Press release

New division and new management for trading and consumer business

Creation of a new division Digital Transformation and Global Partners and the trading and consumer business is under a new management

FlTR: Klaus Hermes, Jan Petersen

TOTAL creates division for Digital Transformation & Global Partners and places trading and consumer business under new management

As of November 1, 2016, Jan Petersen (50) will assume the management of the trading and consumer business at TOTAL Deutschland GmbH in Berlin. He is the successor to Klaus Hermes, who at the same time is assuming the management of the newly created head office for Digital Transformation & Global Partners. With the new structure, TOTAL gains clout, in particular in the case of the cross-division subject of digitalization and the management of key accounts.

Bruno Daude-Lagrave, Manager of TOTAL Germany said: “We are strengthening our business relations in the area of Global Partners with key accounts and will ideally expand them. It is about offering our customers customized one-stop energy solutions. In this way, we are streamlining our digital activities. In Klaus Hermes we have a manager for this task who will set new priorities and who has already successfully ensured the progress of the digitalization of our sales channel in our online division.”

Klaus Hermes has been working for 40 years at TOTAL and its respective predecessors and has been the Manager of the trading and consumer business since 2009. Prior to this, he held diverse managerial positions in Sales.

Through his new function Jan Petersen will also become the Manager of TOTAL Mineralöl GmbH and Michel Mineralöl GmbH, both companies having their domicile in Duisburg. He joined the company in 1997 at what was then Elf Oil Deutschland GmbH. Diverse managerial functions led him i.a. to the TOTAL refinery in Leuna, as a Sales Manager to Leipzig and to the headquarters in Paris. From 2010 until 2013 Petersen was Manager of Tyczka Totalgaz GmbH in Geretsried. The TOTAL joint venture company sells liquid gas nationwide. Subsequently, he was in charge of international activities for energy services and international marketing for key accounts from Paris for two years before he most recently managed an internal strategy project at TOTAL Germany again.

About our group

To supply affordable energy for a growing world population, to address climate change and to meet the new expectations of our customers-these are the three key challenges faced by Total as a major energy company. These challenges determine our actions.

With activities in over 130 countries the Total group is one of the globally leading oil and gas companies. We are a major international agent in the sector of natural gas and with Sun Power one of the leading global leaders in photovoltaics. Our business activities comprise the production of oil and gas, refineries, petrochemicals and the sale of petroleum products. 100,000 employees work for better energy and contribute all over the world to supplying our customers with safer products and services which are cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and more accessible-for as many people as possible. Our aspiration is to be the responsible agent among the globally leading energy companies. 

About TOTAL Germany 

In Germany TOTAL operates the third largest service station network with some 1,200 service stations, as well as one of the most modern refineries in Europe in Leuna. The group maintains a broad chemical products division, and its spectrum of activity spans plastics production down to special applications for the automotive and aviation industry. TOTAL provides 3,100 jobs in Germany.