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31/03/2016 Press release

Innovation at the Service Station – TOTAL and DriveNow Launch New Payment System

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  • Payment of the gas bill directly from your car
  • Starting in June in Berlin, more DriveNow cities to follow this year
  • “Digital service station card” offers many customer benefits and is the trend of the future

Munich/Berlin, March 31, 2016 – DriveNow, the car-sharing joint venture of the BMW Group and Sixt SE and service station operator TOTAL will in future enable DriveNow customers to pay the gas bill directly from their car. TOTAL is the first company on the German service station market to offer a digital payment function with direct communication between the card and the service station customer and the cash system. This dispenses with payment using the traditional service station card. Starting in June DriveNow will offer its customers the new system, which has been being tested in Berlin for several months now, at some 30 TOTAL service stations in the capital. More cities are to follow this year.

With the “digital service station card” the DriveNow vehicle recognizes the location at the TOTAL service station via its navigation system. After shutting off the engine the driver starts the gas filling procedure via a dialogue window on the vehicle display. He fills up the vehicle as usual and then enters the number of the gas pump-once again via a systems control in the car. Billing is then carried out automatically between the vehicle and the cash system. “With the digitalization of our traditional service station card which we are launching together with DriveNow we are able to create entirely new mobility offers for our customers”, managing director of TOTAL Deutschland GmbH, Hans-Christian Gützkow explains. “Automatic communication between the service station and the vehicle opens up many more possibilities for dialogue with our customers outside of the service station shop.” Emmanuel Pignet, Head of Card Services at TOTAL Deutschland GmbH adds: “Once again TOTAL shows its innovation force which enables us to offer DriveNow and other fleet customers entirely new options in the service station card area”.

“The digital payment system is a highly innovative novelty with major customer benefits, says Nico Gabriel, Manager of DriveNow. “Over 80 percent of the gas filling procedures of our fleet in Germany is carried out by our customers. We reward them for this with bonus minutes. Future customers, but also we ourselves, will be able to carry out the filling procedure even more efficiently and conveniently. This is an advantage for everyone with regard to time and money”. Co-Manager Sebastian Hofelich opines: “We are steadily making progress in the expansion and optimization of digital extra services for our flexible car-sharing concept. Digital payment at service stations which we implemented with our partner TOTAL once again offers proof of our innovation leadership on the car-sharing market”.

For DriveNow’s “digital service station card” TOTAL will be initially setting up a new variant of its cash system in some 30 service stations in Berlin until June. Next, all other service stations in the DriveNow cities of Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf will follow and finally the entire TOTAL network. Analog to this, DriveNow is implementing the vehicle technology at national level. The car-sharing company and the oil conglomerate are thus creating the technical foundation for offering customers more digital payment concepts in future, for example using a Smartphone.

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About DriveNow:

DriveNow, the car-sharing joint venture of the BMW Group and of Sixt SE, offers high-quality premium vehicles of the brands BMW and MINI for rental in European cities according to the free-floating principle. The vehicles can be rented within a defined business area independent of any specific station and can be parked there after use. In excess of half a million registered customers find and reserve vehicles via the DriveNow app or website and can use the service in any city. DriveNow operates a fleet of a total of 4,000 vehicles at the sites in Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, London, Copenhagen and Stockholm. 20 percent of these are electric BMW i3. Several research studies show that at least three private cars are substituted by a DriveNow vehicle. DriveNow thus continues to be a relief for the traffic situation in cities.

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About TOTAL Germany

As part of a group that is active in over 130 countries TOTAL is also one of the leading agents on the energy market in Germany. With fuels and lubricants for private customers, industry and commerce as well as as a supplier of heating oil, liquid gas, airplane fuels, bitumen or special products for industry, TOTAL helps you every day to move forward.

TOTAL is active worldwide for safe and sustainable energy supply: as a producer and provider of oil and natural gas, with the brand SunPower as one of the globally leading photovoltaics module manufacturers and, specifically in Germany, with research into hydrogen as the energy of the future.

In Germany TOTAL operates the third largest service station network with some 1,200 service stations, as well as one of the most modern refineries in Europe in Leuna. The group maintains a broad chemical products division, and its spectrum of activity spans plastics production down to special applications for the automotive and aviation industry. TOTAL provides 3,500 jobs in Germany.

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