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Franck Maurin

Franck Maurin: Managing Director of TEG

Franck Maurin has been Managing Director of TOTAL Energie Gas (TEG) since March 2018. The company supplies natural gas and electricity to industry, commerce and the real estate sector as well as to chain stores. The native Frenchman Franck Maurin focuses on customer-oriented offers and intensive cooperation within the TOTAL Group.

Which tasks are particularly important for you as Managing Director of TEG?

TOTAL Energie Gas GmbH is still a young subsidiary of TOTAL. Therefore, my main task is to further establish it on the market, secure additional market shares and thereby increase its profitability. To this end, we have developed an appropriate strategic orientation and a long-term plan. 

How would you like to develop the business segment further?

In the long term, TEG will have to develop from a commodity supplier to a supplier with "added value products". After all, the mere sale of products such as gas and electricity will no longer be sufficient for a healthy development in the future. The German market is highly competitive, which is why we have to differentiate ourselves from our competitors with a respective product portfolio and offer our customers added value. Synergies that we can achieve with other TOTAL affiliates are important for this and for the further development of TEG as a whole. The TOTAL Group is active in the entire energy value chain, from generation and promotion to marketing. Our common goal must therefore be to offer our customers all energy-related services from a single source. Then we can advise them holistically so that they can increase energy efficiency and at the same time achieve cost savings.

You have already mentioned an important contribution to better energy. What other products and services does TEG provide for our environment?

In addition to natural gas, we also have biogas in our portfolio. Our customers decide what percentage of biogas is added to natural gas. Customers can also offset the emissions resulting from the combustion of natural gas by purchasing certificates from our climate protection project. And of course, we also offer our electricity products as a green electricity variant. This ensures sustainability right from the energy generation stage.

TEG customers also have a choice between different price models. Why?

Today, customers are better informed than ever before and expect their individual wishes to be taken into account. This means that we have to pay even more attention to what is really important to them. Offers that go beyond the usual standard are a real competitive advantage. That's why we have to keep asking ourselves: What does the customer want, where is he, what needs does he have?

We have already talked about the importance of synergies. Can you give us an example?

We already offer energy efficiency consulting services in cooperation with TENAG, a subsidiary of TOTAL. This gives our customers added value and we prove that energy efficiency is very important to us as a contribution to environmental protection. If we can help our customers to consume less energy, this is positive for both sides: Customers can contribute to climate protection, have less expenses and can strengthen their corporate image. We, on the other hand, are able to strengthen customer loyalty and trust in TOTAL as a customer-oriented and responsible energy company.


“We want the best for our customers and for our environment”

Short Resume

1999 – 2005

Price and Stock Manager at TOTAL Deutschland GmbH in Berlin

2005 – 2012

Sales Manager Heating Oil in Paris; Regional Sales Manager for fuel cards in France

2012 – 2015

Financial Director for TOTAL Poland in Warsaw

2015 – 2018

Managing Director of TOTAL Nordic with headquarters in Copenhagen

Since March 2018

Managing Director of TOTAL Energie Gas GmbH