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Sedat Cetin

Sedat Cetin: Local Educator at Matters Concerning Electric Mobility

Sedat Cetin has been a TOTAL gas station partner since 2003. One of the four stations he operates in Stuttgart and the surrounding area is the multi-energy gas station Schwäbisch-Gmünd that opened in February 2014 – the first TOTAL in Baden-Württemberg to offer a fast charging station for electric cars.

What does it mean to you that you are a pioneer in the area of electric mobility with your station in Schwäbisch-Gmünd?

I am very proud to operate the most modern gas station in our region. And of the fact that we are even able to offer a fast charging electric station is naturally something very special for me. I tell my customers that “we have the entire range of fuel types.” And when I tell them that they can charge electric cars with us in just twenty minutes, they are often very impressed. Electric mobility is still something new for the majority of automobile drivers. Most see such chargers for the first time at our station.

Is the “Super Charger” – also known as the fast charging station – already popular among customers?

Many people in Schwäbisch-Gmünd are interested in environmentally friendly innovations. Nevertheless electric cars have been a rarity on the road until now. Correspondingly, the charging station is not a very common destination in comparison to the stations for LPG or natural gas. But I do actually have several customers, who use the charging station regularly. People often come to the station to inform themselves. Recently a couple from Munich was here to have a look at the fast charging station. One can truly say, we offer educational work at the station!

The fast charging station is a common project of TOTAL and the Schwäbisch-Gmünd Municipal Utilities. How does the cooperation with local energy providers function?

First of all, I must say that we are able to make customers a very tempting offer thanks to the cooperation with the public utilities. At the moment, electric cars can still charge for free with green electricity! Regarding the technology: in the beginning, there were some bugs with the charging station. However, the Municipal Utility employees solved the problems quickly. And since then, the fast charging station has been running perfectly. This reliability is, of course, very important for the acceptance of new technologies.

How do you perceive electric mobility personally? Could you imagine driving your own electric car?

I am actually considering buying myself an electric car at the moment! After all, I see that the charging technology works. And I drive 80 kilometers daily between our home and the station.  An electric car would be ideal for such distances. Furthermore, the car would clearly be a great showcase for customers at my station.

Let’s take a look into the future: In your opinion, what impact will electric mobility have on gas stations in 2015?

I do not believe that one drive system will displace all others. Therefore, gas stations will certainly offer an energy mix in the future. Every type of drive has its specific characteristics. And which technology one finds attractive as a car driver depends on the driver’s own needs and priorities. At the moment, the electric car may not be the ideal solution for those who drive long distances daily and do not want to lose time filling the tank. But the same situation is completely different for a commuter, who likes to drink a coffee and eat a snack at the gas station after work!


Sedat Cetin operates the gas stations together with his wife, Semra. Their son, Serhat, supports the couple, which is why Sedat Cetin states with a wink of his eye: “The gas station business is clearly contagious!”

Short Resume



Trained Mechanical Engineer / General Mechanic


Since 2014: Gas station partner Up to 2003: Mechanic

at the TOTAL Station in Schwäbisch-Gmünd


Since 2010: Gas station partner

at the TOTAL Station in Schorndorf


Since 2007: Gas station partner

at the TOTAL Station in Backnang


Since 2003: Gas station partner

at the TOTAL Station in Stuttgart on Nürnberger Street.


Up to 2003: Mechanic

in a metalworking company in Vienna