07/07/2014 - Press release

"Super Charger"

As part of its growth strategy, TOTAL is considering the integration of a publicly accessible electrical recharging infrastructure in the construction of its new multi-energy filling stations. One of Germany's first fast-recharging stations under the technically innovative multi-standard opened in late May at the TOTAL flagship station, which is part of the H2BER project at Berlin-Schönefeld. Since July 1, 2014, Baden-Württemberg's first "Super Charger" has been in operation at the local TOTAL multi-energy filling station in Schwäbisch Gmünd. During the summer, a third will be installed at the TOTAL multi-energy filling station currently being built at Jafféstraße, not far from the Messe Berlin where hydrogen will also be available. Electric vehicle drivers at the multi-standard fast-charging stations can reach around 80% of battery capacity in 20 minutes, using the Combined Charging System (CCS).

The “Super Charger” offers both “AC Fast Download” via a Mennekes Type 2 connector (22 kW or 43.5 kW) and “DC fast-charging” according to the European CCS standard or Japanese CHAdeMO method (both also up to 50 kW). These new ABB multi-standard recharging stations thus cater for all possible variations regardless of the electric vehicle's manufacturer and model year. Carsten Retzke, Head of Hydrogen/Electric mobility at TOTAL Deutschland said: “We are open-minded in terms of technology. There's no rivalry between battery-electric vehicles and fuel-cell cars powered by hydrogen. TOTAL is investing in the mobility of the future where several partners are involved. This can already be seen in our use of green hydrogen at the TOTAL multi-energy filling station at Berlin Schönefeld and here in Schwäbisch Gmünd in the pilot project with the local public utilities. The design of the TOTAL multi-energy filling station envisages the inclusion of publicly accessible fast-recharging stations!”

Stadtwerke Gmünd invests in a fast-recharging post and supply green electricity and biomethane to the TOTAL multi-energy filling station

In Schwäbisch Gmünd, the Mayor Richard Arnold, the Local Public Utilities Director Rainer Steffens, Dr. Wolfgang Fischer from the regional agency e-mobil BW, Daniel Lautensacks, Head of Strategic Business Development at ABB and Carsten Retzke, Head of Hydrogen/Electric Mobility at TOTAL Deutschland recently teamed up to launch Baden-Württemberg's first “Super Charger”. The EMiS project (Electric Mobility in Stauferland) aims to test electric mobility in medium-sized cities and overcome challenges in topographically challenging areas such as the hills of Stauferland. The Urban Development Institute of the University of Stuttgart is following the studies so that the results can be transferred to other municipalities. EMiS is part of the Stuttgart Region Electric Mobility Pilot Project, which is being steered by the Stuttgart Region Business Development Board (WRS) in tandem with the regional agency for electric mobility (e-Mobil BW GmbH). EMiS is also being promoted by Germany's Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

Within the Berlin metropolis, Citroën already uses DC fast-recharging stations with 22 kW power output for its “Multi City” e-car-sharing initiative at three TOTAL filling stations. With the new, additional “Super Chargers” TOTAL now offers electric vehicle drivers a total of nine publicly accessible electric fast-recharging stations in Germany alone. In addition, TOTAL is involved in the Clean Energy Partnership's project for 50 hydrogen filling stations. Their aim is to build 50 public filling stations with hydrogen (H2) as an additional fuel supply in Germany's metropolitan regions and along the major motorways by 2015. TOTAL has already been committed to the notion of H2 mobility for the last 12 years.

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