06/10/2014 - Press release

Standstill for general inspection at the refinery


Over 3,000 additional workers at the general site inspection – 65 investment projects will be completed at the same time.

For the third time since its inception, TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH in Leuna will be subjected to a major general inspection, taking all facilities out of service for six weeks. These comprehensive inspections are required by law. The plans for the mammoth undertaking, in which columns, containers, heat exchangers, compressors and safety valves, among others, are stripped down into their individual parts, cleaned, inspected, repaired and assembled again, have been in progress since May 2011.                                                   

During the general inspection 60 small, medium and large investment projects with a total volume of 65 million euros, will be both implemented and completed. The lion's share of these will concern the modernization of the cracker. The conversion represents the response of the TOTAL subsidiary in Leuna to the changing situation of the market, which requires decreasingly petrol fuels and is increasingly geared towards raw materials for the chemical sector, such as propylene.

Safety is the highest priority during the extensive work on the system. All participants have received a thorough safety briefing. Hazard analyses have been carried out in advance to ensure the work proceeds in safety, and over 9,000 individual work permits have been issued. “With the ongoing general inspection and the integration of several investment projects, we are making the refinery fit for the future and ensuring safe and stable plant operation for the coming years,” says Executive Director Reinhard Kroll.

3,000 additional staff

During the standstill more than 3,000 employees from contracting partners will be on hand to transform the refinery zone into a single construction site. 85 cranes will be in use in the peak period, including a 1,250-ton crane for the cracker. Pipe fitters, welders, electricians, scaffolders, instrumentation and control technicians and insulators will arrive from all over Germany and Europe. More than 400 agreements have been signed in advance with a variety of companies. Around 33,000 different spare part items – from boxes of bolts up to equipment weighing several tons – are required for this general inspection. For the 630 refinery employees, the break represents an exceptional but recurrent situation. It involves coping with different or additional duties compared with their normal working day and working closely together with many external workers.

Motorists and heating oil customers in central Germany will not experience any problems as a result of the stoppage in production at the Leuna crude oil processor. The tanks at the refinery site have been filled before the start of the standstill with power and fuels.

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