05/23/2014 - Press release

The green light for the renewable revolution German Parliamentary Secretary of State Reiche opens a hydrogen facility in Berlin's Schönefeld district

At H2BER, several different areas, generally separated from one another, use CO2 -neutral hydrogen as a source of energy. For the first time, wind power and solar power are being used across the board in the electricity, heating and transport sectors. The partners use electrolysis to produce the “green” hydrogen on-site.

In addition to supplying zero-emission fuel for fuel-cell vehicles, there are plans to operate a combined heat and power plant powered by hydrogen generated from renewable sources, and to inject this supply into the public natural gas grid. The project therefore provides a way to explore the renewable revolution as a fully integrated system. The H2BER partner companies will have invested more than 10 million euros in the project by 2016. 50 per cent of this sum will come from public funds provided by the German Federal Government, to be distributed by the German national organisation for hydrogen and fuel-cell technology, NOW (Nationale Organisation Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie).

When the project was unveiled by the companies behind it, Katherina Reiche, the Parliamentary Secretary of State to the German Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, said:

“Electromobility with hydrogen and fuel cells is gaining momentum! We have made significant progress with our 'National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme'. Seven years of research and development have resulted in applications for the transport sector that are largely suitable for everyday use and use marketable technologies – a remarkable success! The next step is to take these applications to market, and we will continue to support them with appropriate measures. A fundamental requirement for this is the creation of a network of affiliated service stations covering the main urban areas. As part of our service station programme, we will build hydrogen fuelling stations at 50 locations by the end of next year, thereby creating the backbone of just such a nationwide network. I am not only pleased that another service station is joining this network today; I am also pleased that this outstanding flagship project is able to use locally produced wind and solar energy flexibly.”

It is planned that, by the end of 2015, there will be a nationwide network of 50 H2 service stations, as stipulated in the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), an agreement between the German Ministry of Transport (BMVI) and industry. The CEP is Europe's largest demonstration project for hydrogen and fuel-cell technology. “The H2BER operating principle is based on using hydrogen as a source of energy, obtained from wind and solar power. It is planned that the electricity required will come from a nearby wind farm. There will also be research into H2 production at top wind speeds and this will be tested scientifically at a research institution. TOTAL is also going to integrate solar panels produced by its solar power subsidiary, SunPower and mounted on the roof of the service station, into the electrical circuit. "The CO2 -neutral hydrogen is produced on-site in a McPhy 45-bar pressure electrolyser, operated by ENERTRAG. With a capacity of 500 kW, the optimised and upgradeable alkaline electrolysis process can produce over 200 kg of hydrogen per day. That's enough to fill the tanks of around 50 H2 fuel cell vehicles.”


Manuel Fuchs, TOTAL Deutschland GmbH
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Phone: 0162 / 1333557

Roland Kaeppner, McPhy S.A.
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Phone: 0162 / 7872000

Robert Döring, ENERTRAG AG
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Stefan Liesner, 2G Energy AG
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Phone: 0152 / 22592847

Claudia Fried, Clean Energy Partnership
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Phone: 0172 / 3992256

Jessica Becker, Nationale Organisation Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie
E-Mail: jessica.becker@now-gmbh.de
Phone: 0172 / 1440830

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